The Lepufology Project

The Lepufology Project


duration : EP (36 minutes)
status : mostly written and arranged / track listing tentative / might require additional material


The Lepufology Project started as a composition meant as a tribute to Robert Anton Wilson’s « Quantum Psychology. » In the book, he coins the word lepufology to refer to the study of rabbit-related UFO encounters.

As the composition was intended from the onset to remain instrumental, I decided to write a basic synopsis, more a list of scenes actually, in order to give the piece direction and structure.

From that starting point, the work progressed and I quickly found myself developing the narrative further and further until I finally ended up with a short story in four chapters, along with the music to go with it.

Therefore, The Lepufology Project is also the story of Jack Babbitt, regarded as one of the world’s most trustworthy investigators of the paranormal, and whose unfaltering curiosity for the mysterious leads on an international chase seeking bizarre rabbits of extra-terrestrial origin that finds its resolution in the tar sands deposits of Alberta.

The project offered the perfect context to present an older composition intended as a rallying song, an anthem for progressives, activists, and anyone who is hoping to make this world a better place. Thus, I eventually conceived a fifth and as of yet unwritten chapter outlining the consequences of the events depicted in the original story.


To learn more about the compositions and listen to the music, please follow the links.

(Estimated Running Time : 36:28)

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Here are our objectives for this project :

  • produce videos for all the chapters
  • record and release the album as CDs, DVDs, and downloads
  • produce comic book
  • publish a dedicated website
  • tour in support of the album

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