The Dam

The Dam


duration : full-length album (42 minutes)
status : written and arranged


This album takes its name from the title of the opening chapter, a 22-minute long suite in 8 movements that uses the metaphor of water flowing from source to ocean as a canvas to depict a life-changing experience.

As its title suggests, the focus of « The Dam » is directed on one major obstacle, symbolized by a dam on a river, which the protagonist, who is also the narrator, has to conquer if they are to reach their intended destination. The storyline is inspired by my own struggle to reach the goal of earning a living through my artistic output so as to dedicate myself fully to my musical and literary undertakings.

The second track is entitled « The Door Of The Law » and is also a suite, comprising six chapters. The composition is inspired by « A Parable About A Parable » from Robert Anton Wilson’s « Quantum Psychology. » The allegory tells the story of a young man studying Zen who finds himself profoundly disturbed after reading « Before The Law, » a mystifying parable that can be found near the end of Franz Kafka’s masterpiece « The Trial. » Feeling that he will never understand Zen until he first understands this strange tale, the student goes to his roshi and tells him Kafka’s story of the man who waited at the Door of the Law — the door that existed only for him but would not admit him, and was closed when death would no longer allow him to enter.

The closing chapter, « Leftoverturned, » is a rehash of ideas already introduced in « 1000 Radios » or discarded from the piece’s writing sessions. The instrumental depicts the vanquishing of the countless questions presented in « Samsara. »

As a whole, this collection of compositions works as an illustration of how apparently external hindrances can be overcome through the realization that they are in fact reflections of internal limitations.

The artwork and structure of the album mirror « Close To The Edge » by Yes, one of my all-time favourites. This is intended as a tribute to the inspiring role that this masterpiece has played in my progress in defining the ideal to reach for.


To learn more about the compositions and listen to the music, please follow the links.

(Estimated Running Time : 42:58)

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Here are our objectives for this project :

  • record and release the album as CDs and downloads
  • produce conceptual videos for all the chapters to be released on DVDs
  • publish a dedicated website
  • tour in support of the album

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